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E21 - Atomic Habits (Author- James Clear) - with Saro Velrajan

August 31, 2021

We have all made resolutions like reading more often or exercising daily, only for it to fall through. We have all struggled to do something consistently and have agonized over our failed attempts. Atomic Habits is a book for just about anyone wanting to develop new habits or sustain old ones to achieve their goals. 

In this episode, Madhavi sat with Saro Velrajan, Chief Strategy Officer, Ginkos India, to talk about the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. They discussed what they liked about the book and what were some takeaways they got from it. Saro got candid and shared examples from his life on how he had forged different habits like maintaining a fitness routine or becoming a writer. 

Let’s listen to the podcast to know more about some strategies you can adopt to develop sustainable habits and pave the way for your 10X growth.